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AMA OIL & CIA was established in 1984.

AMA OIL is an Argentine company that develops, manufactures and markets lubricants, greases, and related accessories for the automotive and motorcycle sector, transports, agriculture and industry in general, as well as for nautical and domestic use. It also develops products for top-class competition supporting Touring Car racing teams and other motorsport categories, including motorcycle racing.

Our facility is located in Plátanos, Berazategui city, Buenos Aires - Argentina In a property of 12.500 square meters. We have a network of 34 distributors and hundreds of points of sale in the country and distributor Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile and Ecuador

AMA OIL offers lubricants for all types of commercial, industrial and domestic applications. Also, lubricants for 2- and 4-stroke motorcycles, cars, trucks and buses (including those equipped with diesel, gasoline and CNG engines). Our products cover a wide range of automatic and manual transmission fluids, chain lubricants, coolants, suspension fluids, brake fluids and greases. 

Constant innovation, passion and being progressive are our principles. We work together with the manufacturers of the most important equipment in the industry to supply to the market a wide range of lubricants designed for different environments and operating conditions.


Our aim for our customers to identify with our brand and business philosophy We seek  excellence in the manufacture process of lubricants and in the pre and post-sales service, with special emphasis on: the continuous improvement of our procedures, the training of our employees, compliance with the laws to our business and respect for the community and the environment.

AMA is not only an iconic mark in the is a business model in the country. 


The Company's Management formally establishes the following commitment as a fundamental strategy of the operations, based on three basic principles

• Outstanding satisfaction and expectations by our customers regarding the quality, quantity and availability of our products and services.

•    The quality of the processes, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the requirements.

•    Encouraging participation and promotion of quality responsibilities by all employees through standards, education, training and coaching, supervision and effective communication of all members of our Company for achieving the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System

The assumed specific objectives of this Policy will be achieved by giving priority to the principles expressed within the laws and regulations of our business.

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