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It is a balanced combination of organic and metallic products, which provides positive protective and antioxidant action, together with very low viscosity, anti-wear and anti-friction qualities.


  • Permanent fluid : It gets into hard-to-reach parts, removing rust. Its protective film prevents new formations.

    Dry Film Lubricant : Ideal to be used where oil or grease cannot reach, threaded surfaces, saw blades, tools, steel cables, locks, hinges, precision instruments, electrical instruments, etc.

    Preventive against corrosion : The film of the F-18 ALL IN ONE, is of long useful life and resists the action

    of corrosive agents such as humidity, water, salt, etc.

    Eliminates rust : Its deoxidizing action allows the removal of nuts and bolts in a normal way.

    It restores movement in stuck sliding mechanisms.

    Tenacious film: Its lubricating film protects against seizure and jamming, withstanding high pressures.

    Multiple use fluid : Effective, practical and useful application in workshops, industries, automotive and home (sewing machines, weaving, etc.).

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