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Non-flammable safety solvent with high evaporative drying speed.


  • High constant dielectric, with great degreasing power, being also a good moisture repellent.The presentation in aerosol, increases its effectiveness, by increasing its penetration in various areas of difficult access, by methods considered traditional.Its rapid evaporation, makes surfaces do not need to be dried after use. To be used preferably on metal surfaces. Ideal for cleaning metal parts of the engine where a powerful degreaser is required, as well as for cleaning brake discs. Long useful life and resistant to action

    of corrosive agents such as humidity, water, salt, etc.

    Eliminates rust : Its deoxidizing action allows the removal of nuts and bolts in a normal way.

    It restores movement in stuck sliding mechanisms.

    Tenacious film: Its lubricating film protects against seizure and jamming, withstanding high pressures.

    Multiple use fluid : Effective, practical and useful application in workshops, industries, automotive and home (sewing machines, weaving, etc.).

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